Time & money saving tips for Graphic Art Services

Here are some ways that will save me time and you money. By preparing your documents so that less changes are necessary, I will complete your job sooner and at less cost to you.

What I need to get started on your job...

Final text

Final text can be given to me on disk (CD, zip, thumb drive) or sent by e-mail whichever is convenient for you. I can translate most word processing programs, but prefer to receive text in MS Word.


If you have minor revisions to a job I have previously done, it is usually better to mark up an old copy in a red or colored ink, rather than re-typing the entire project. If it is more than a sentence or two, type up the changes only and indicate on the old copy where they belong. I can quickly cut and paste them into the appropriate area.


Type your text in a single column with a hard return at the end of each paragraph. Use hard returns only at the end of paragraphs.

If you have several different articles such as in a newspaper or newsletter, put them all in one Word file in the order you would like to them to appear or the order of importance. This saves much time for me in cutting and pasting them in the correct order. Indicate on the hard copy which ones can fill in empty spaces or can be used elsewhere as design permits.


Use any style or size. Use bold, italics, underlines. PLEASE DO NOT USE ALL CAPS and Please Do Not Use Initial Caps Like This.


Use tabs only in lists and tables (see below), not for paragraph indents or to line up text. Put one tab at the beginning of each item in a list. If you want a symbol or bullet at each item, use a symbol that is not used as itself in your text and I can convert it to something that enhances the overall design.


Use the table feature in MS Word. If you don't use Word or the table feature, type the table with just use one tab per column, including headings. It may look mixed up to you, but it can be re-designed easily.


To get a long dash, type in two hyphens -- like this.


Type all of your footnotes at the end of your document. Sub and superscripts are okay.

Graphics and macros

Do not use macros with MS Word. Lines, boxes around text, and graphics have to be removed before I can place the text in my layout program.

Hard copy

Give me a hard copy of your file with marked instructions in colored ink. Do not type instructions in your text. Mark heads and subheads if they are not obvious.


I need graphics in their native format (i.e. not in MS Word). Don't alter graphics before you give them to me. I may have to convert your graphics to different file formats and it is best I start from the "original" file. Talk to me before you do your own scanning. Some graphics, especially web graphics, are not suitable for commercial printing. I will evaluate graphics you give me and let you know if any are going to be a problem. If you plan on using a lot of similar graphics, it is a good idea to give me a "test" graphic before you create a lot of them.


Photos can be supplied as prints (black and white or color), slides, negatives, or digital. Please be sure that the digital photos have a very high resolution for good printing quality. Check with me if you have a question on it. Please package slides in protective material. They scratch easily. I can help choose the best photo for your project.


Yes, I do original art!! If you are providing art, make sure you have permission from the artist or publisher and supply an original if possible or clean hard copy to scan.

A Final note About "Final" Text

I understand that sometimes last minute changes are inevitable. However, correcting text at this stage is time consuming and may require major changes to the layout, which will delay your project. Remember you are charged for this time.

Please edit, proofread, review and get it approved before it comes to me.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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